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May 22, 2013

Published: November 30, -1 Updated: 10/06/11 2:10 AM

PHS celebrates Homecoming: the whole shabang!


Winners of the Nerd Day Homecoming Costume Contest- L to R Courtney Bensman, Haley Huebner, Dakota Rench, and Jared Haney

On Monday September 19th, Piqua High School started off spirit week with students dressed up in their pajamas; students wore pajama hats, slippers, and other cute silly things to accessorize their sleepwear. The winner for the homecoming contest was Natalie Thobe.

Tuesday, the winner for the 80's neon contest was Katie Allen who was dressed like she was from “Flash dance,” and C.J. Tipps who dressed as if he was from “Miami Vice.” Many students looked bright with colors, and with their legwarmers, exercised their hearts out.

On Wednesday also known as “twin day”, Zach Williams who dressed as Mr. Willams, a chemistry teacher here at Piqua High School, won Homecoming tickets along with Laura Arnold and Amanda Zaenger.

Thursday, the winners for the Nerd day contest were Courtney Benson, Hayley Huebner, Jared Haney, and Dakota Rench, who received Homecoming tickets for their spiffy outfits and nerdy accessories.

Friday, was school colors day, where students were challenged to show how far they would take their school spirit. The winners this day were Brad Anderson who dressed as an Indian, and Mikaila Cotrell, and Zach Davis who both covered themselves in paint.

That wrapped up the week before Homecoming, but pumped up students for the game at the end of the week, and excited them for the Homecoming dance the following day.

The planning of homecoming spirit week and Homecoming originated with Mrs. Allen, and the student council. The theme “Hit the Lights,”was supposed to give the atmosphere of the city life, the moving city scape, and they even had skyscrapper building decorations that lit up.

The music style or genre played at Homecoming was hip-hop and remixes of different songs, where many students slow danced, and participated in line dances. Finally toward the end of the night, Phillip Rupert was crowned Homecoming King . He took his first dance with Justine Ford who had been crowned Homecoming Queen during the game on Friday night.